1. 60 minute masterpiece I made for Southern Exposure’s monster drawing rally. There was one more but it went to the auction block before i could capture it.

  2. Made these stamps for a map-making workshop at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive.

  3. Studio work. 5-color screen print.


  4. 45in x 99in

    lino-print and ink on gampi paper collage

    commission for shakewell restaurant


  5. This framed art work is going to the FFDG Gallery on Mission St. Part of the Paper & Pressure show that opens on the 21st, Sat & Sun print sale. Closing party is on 26th 5-8.

  6. found this in the archive, a flyer for the Bonus Map installation I did way back in 2008. Jesse designed it, I provided the patterns.

  7. new stamp set for a print I’m making.

  8. Concept art for “vvorm”.


    • juliannagreen said: I’ve been trying to learn some 3D stuff lately too, it’s so addictive!! I’ve been slacking off on homework and everything else to model stuff. Are you using cinema 4d? Everything looks so good! Keep it up!
    Thanks. I’m using Maya. Many days, months, have disappeared from my life. I’m trying to prepare myself for the Virtual Reality future. Glad you’ll be there, making models too!
  9. my first 3d animation!