1. Most Ancient is going to Portland this weekend for the Linework NW festival.
    We will be debuting our new mini YUELELARYUARELEL at table 48 next door to our friends Revival House Press. For those who can’t make it to the majestic North West, the mini will be available in the online shop very soon.

    Also, Saturday night we’ll be talking on a panel:

    Thinking Outside Of The Grid – artists whose work extends far beyond the comics page
    moderated by Sean Christensen
    Matthew Thurber
    Edie Fake
    Most Ancient
    Daria Tessler
    The panel will be in the bar area on the first floor.

    Festival info:
    Linework NW, illustration and comic festival.
    2pm-9pm Saturday, April 12, 2014
    Norse Hall in Portland, Oregon.

  2. Concept art for a new mini comic we are working on. Hoping to have it done for the Linework NW festival.

  3. Will be in Portland this April. Exhibiting at the first LineWork NW festival. Very excited to be among such good company.

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  4. The Map of Neighboring Bodies : Print #2

    Now available in the Most Ancient shop. It is the second print in a series that focuses on iconography relating to bodies of water.


  5. hicandhoc:

    I’m super excited to announce a whole slew of books that Hic & Hoc will be publishing or distributing this year. Some new faces, some old faces, some dirty faces, some faces that are mostly clean but have one gross smudge and I’m not sure I know them well enough to say “Hey, wipe that off.” No…

  6. New work from the studio:

    Mine Field #2


    22in x 34in

    8-color screen print


  7. A Few Reviews

    Edie Fake wrote some positive things about Mothers and Scaffold 3 over at the Quimby’s site.

    “Most Ancient does a fine job of pustulating and sickening this bleak and fevered ‘cycle of life’ narrative. Cat and cobra, wild, winding war and little eggs.” Mothers at Quimby’s

    “With issue #3, the landscape of Scaffold comes into focus, and with it, a more cohesive grasp of the epic structures on display…Most Ancient lets the winding and encrusted multilayer scaffolding take front-and-center.” Scaffold 3 at Quimby’s

    We’ve enjoyed reading his reviews in this capsule format for a while now. His writing is always carefully weighted and any criticisms are usually encoded pretty gently.

    Sean Christensen included Scaffold in his 2013 favorites list and also charmed us with some very kind words:

    “The pages are filled with environments so detailed with such incredible and varied line work that I get nervous the way you can when entering a crowded room or a large building you’ve never been in.”

    So we’re 1/12 of the way to 2015, working on some Scaffold stuff and several new projects, recoiling further than usual so that our next strike carries more force.

  8. Last print in 2013!

    the map of neighboring bodies #2
    masa paper
    3 color silk screen print
    10in x 30in


  9. Support small hard working businesses this holiday. Here are a few shops that carry our stuff:
    Printed Matter in New York, NY
    Quimby’s Book Store in Chicago, IL
    Mission Comics and Little Paper Planes in San Francisco’s Mission district.
    Colpa’s Edicola Kiosk on San Francisco’s Market St., their closing the shutters for good on Thursdays. So its your last chance!
  10. We refreshed our lunar calendar for the new year and it’s now available in the shop. This one’s 2 colors printed on masa paper. The resulting print quality actually resembles a Risograph, with a nice soft washed texture. Have a look at the shop page for more pictures.