1. Desert cabin hand painted texture wraps for a game we are workin’ on.

  2. We will be at SF Zinefest this weekend. This is always a nice laid back event, free to the public. Gets bigger every year, but it’s not overwhelming. Table #53.

    Saturday 11am – 5pm
    Sunday 11am – 4pm
    San Francisco County Fair Building
    1199 9th Ave and Lincoln Way
    (in Golden Gate Park)

  3. Late Summer Sale

    We’re leading up to the debut of the Scaffold Volume 1 collection at SPX next month by selling our Scaffold books at half off. These are the hand-bound ones with silkscreened covers that we’ve been selling for years. It’s a good opportunity for anyone who wants to see what Scaffold is all about for a relatively cheap price. Or for anyone who likes to have precious artifacts. Scarves are on sale too.

    Scaffold 2 – $5
    Scaffold 3 – $5
    Scarf For All Seasons – $30

  4. hicandhoc:

    Here’s a new logo by V.A. Graham & J.A. Eisenhower, AKA Most Ancient — whose book Scaffold Volume I will be debuting at SPX from Hic & Hoc.

    The Scaffold collection is almost here! Jesse designed this logo for Hic & Hoc to go on the back cover.

  5. Oculus VR’s DK2 is the second iteration of a virtual reality mask intended to be used by software developers, though lots of enthusiastic video gamers are buying them just for kicks. We’ve been working on some 3D world stuff of our own so we’re excited to have one of these kits to experiment with.

    After messing around with it for a while yesterday, I’d say it’s like scuba diving with a mask you bought at Pick ‘n Save. The first few moments are completely thrilling. But the slight physical discomfort, the limited visual fidelity and the rigmarole of setting up the kit, all add to the feeling that you’re very stubbornly trying to have an experience. Eventually you get to a place where you can take it for what it is: practically miraculous, obviously going to change everything.

  6. Sketches for a chase theme comic I made. Gonna be part of the 3rd Gridlords Anothlogy.

  7. I’m teaching a screen printing class next month at Kala Art Institute. These are photos from my last action packed class. Still a few spots open.
    Kala Art Institute, 1060 Heinz Avenue, Berkeley
    Thursdays, August 7, 14, 21, & 28, 6:30-9:30pm
  8. 60 minute masterpiece I made for Southern Exposure’s monster drawing rally. There was one more but it went to the auction block before i could capture it.

  9. Made these stamps for a map-making workshop at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive.

  10. Studio work. 5-color screen print.